Amores Wines and Chinese importer Xiamen UTRANS signed an agreement for the supply of 650,000 bottles for delivery in 2013 as part of a major wine project launching their new “Magicales Trinus” and “Occulta Paradisus” brands. The partners have been working closely for four years and Amores Wines has become one of Utrans’ main suppliers of Spanish wines. The new “Magicales Trinus” and “Occulta Paradisus” brands have been launched as part of a series of wines from Spain, France and Chile. Arrival of the new brands were eagerly anticipated by Utrans’ clientele and are already a success with strong sales of the first shipments this month. Amores Wines already supply the successful “Bocavisa” and “Brillante Amor” brands to Utrans and look forward to introducing their new brands alongside these. “Magicales Trinus” and “Occulta Paradisus” will be sold throughout Utrans wide distribution network all over China.

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Amores Wines warmly welcomed a group of their Chinese customers in Galicia this week, where they visited one of their wineries, Vinos y Bodegas Gallegas. This winery is made up of 4 individual wine houses, producing 25 million bottles of wine per year between them.

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During the visit, the group were delighted to be shown around the installations of the Bodegas Milenium winery, to witness the complete production process of their Vino de España wines

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Amores Wines then prepared special tastings for the group in their neighbouring Rectoral de Amandi winery which produces most of the vineyard’s award-winning DO wines. This was held in the special tasting room overlooking the river valley vines where the winery’s grapes are produced. galicia product centre2galicia product centre7