Amores Wines has recently signed an agreement to set up a new office in Shanghai (China), that will start to operate in October 2013. The new office will have the facility to showcase all the quality wines and spirits from our catalogue. In addition we will offer wine tastings, training, direct sales and client presentations at the new branch. The company will have its own wine stocks in temperature-controlled warehousing to be situated in Ningbo, which will facilitate the new branch office serving all of its current clients and new customers. “Amores Wines are committed to supporting their partner importers in China but also look forward to meeting the demands of distributors and retailers in the Chinese market,” Antonia Dominguez, the company’s sales manager said. “Having our own stocks in China will enable our customers who are not importers to have direct access to our wines and spirits. It will also further enhance the company’s support of its existing client base here in China”.