Amores Wines, represented by our Export Manager, Jaime Sanjuan, has recently had the possibility to enjoy a visit to our customer Hola Wines in Shenzhen.

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During this visit, Hola Wines showed the products from Amores Wines they have in their portfolio, and display the catalogue with Regalia de Ollauri winery, which exclusivity of distribution they have.

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This month Amores Wines was represented at the 21st Anniversary of its Russian distributor Rusimport in Montenegro. The prestigious Russian importer hold an annual event in Montenegro and this year presented a very special occasion to celebrate.

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Approximately 300 attended, including senior management from Rusimport, along with the company’s best clientele and top suppliers.


During the event, Rusimport held wine tastings of select premium wines from its catalogue, among them the Prios and Marques de Vargas collections from Amores Wines.

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Russian and Eastern Europe Manager for Amores Wines, Natasha Argunova, attended to present these exquisite collections and to share more detailed information regarding their origins.


Following the tastings,  the group enjoyed a luxurious cruise over the Balkan Bay, enjoying the superb Giro Ribot and Paul Chennau Cavas from the Amores Wines collection.

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Amores Wines is proud to announce that one of the wines in the portfolio, Marqués de Terán Special Edition has won the Special Jury Price in the 2014 China Competition for Good Value International Wines from Famous Regions.