Consejo de la Alta wines and Campos Góticos wines were tasted in an special event celebrated in Polywines´ offices.





Amores Wines team showed to a special group of customers some of the wines of these two wineries who have just enjoyed Amores Wines portfolio.


The 10th June, at 7.00pm took place an special tasting in Roosevelt Restaurant in the special cellar booked for Amores Wines.

House of Roosevelt

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Amores Wines team  presented some of the special wines of the portfolio, and the owners of two very important wineries were there  to meet the attendants.



Campos Góticos and Consejo de la Alta wines had an special place in this tasting with a very special MENU.

Recently Amores Wines´showroom has gathered two new tastings. The 10th April 2015, Marqués de Terán tasting was launched in the showroom, and recently the 22nd May, customers and professionals could enjoy a Monasterio de Santa Ana tasting.

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The assistants had the opportunity to know more about Jumilla wines and Esencia del Carche winery, thanks to Amores Wines´professional team, who explained to them how to taste this wine and solved all the doubts and questions of customers, professionals and final customers.

IMG_1207 IMG_1284

Following the launching of Barón de Greda as a private brand for Amores Wines, some customers have decided to make nice pictures of the bottle and send to the website:

baron1 baron2 baron3 baron4

Barón de Greda is Amores Wines´ new D.O. Jumilla red wine, suitable for every moment.