Amores Wines Shanghai Team held a wine training in Datong, with one of its customers, Mr. Roger, and his team.

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They were told how to taste wines by sight, smell and taste, offering a final conclusion. Also, an explanation of  D.O.C, D.O, VDLT and VDE, plus the knowledge of Joven, Crianza, Reserva and Grand reserva were offered.

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After the tasting, Mr. Roger was very happy for his staff to learn professional knowledge about wines due to it was the first training they receive. Mr. Roger chooses the best wines for his customers, and now they know a bit more about Amores Wines portfolio.

Roger y Danny


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Do not miss the opportunity to taste the very best of Spain.


Following the events that Amores Wines is creating to spread the information of its portfolio, we are glad to inform that a Dining Event Tasting will take place in Roosevelt Restaurant the 23rd September.

In this event, attendants will have the possibility to taste some of the best wines of the portfolio, also the new wine in stock Ollamendi Joven.


The Amores Wines team was present at the International Alcoholic Beverages Fair in Guiyang, China.

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A fair targeted not only to distribute wine in the Guizhou province, but also to promote the wine culture and strengthen the ties between Chinese and Western cultures.


Amores Wines team promoted our Spanish wines and gave tastings to end users explaining the virtues of our wines, as well as giving some tips about the wine pairing with Chinese food, especially the local cuisine which is rich in flavour and spices, working specially well with our whites and Ribera del Duero wines.

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Amores Wines hosted a dinner for friends and collaborators last night, 3 September 2015. The dinner was held at a Shanghai restaurant to which Amores Wines are the exclusive wine suppliers.

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The Shanghai team of Amores Wines were joined by wine connoisseurs and educators namely M. Kelvin Tok, Business Head of the Asia Wine Service and Education Centre as well as Ofilos Wu and Jennifer Chen of the East Centre Wine Education company, both institutes being the leading WSET-nominated centres in Shanghai, as well as other influential members of the wine industry.

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The meal was paired with Teran Cosecha Especial and Campos Goticos 7 Lunas Vendimia Seleccionada, especially selected by Amores Wines to accompany the spicy and flavoursome cuisine typical of Shanghai, and was finished with the Delgado Moscatel Sherry to perfectly match the sweet rice pudding desert.


Amores Wines reached an agreement to supply both wine education companies with the Spanish wines they require for their WSET courses and welcomed the importance to discuss their plans to support and promote wine education throughout China.