Amores Wines is proud to announce our new collaboration with the famous artist MC HotDog.

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MC HotDog has developed his own brand of Cava, MC HotDog Flame, and he and his team had the opportunity to visit the winery during the production of his product.

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As the result of the collaboration, the new Cava is now in the market!


Amores Wines has been representing their portfolio  in the 15th International Wine and Spirtis Exhibition in Guangzhou.

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This fair, known as Interwine, is a professional importer wine feast. As an international exhibition, Interwine has established close business relationships with wineries from 72 countries. The exhibition facts show that after 10 years development, Interwine has collected more than 2000 exhibitors and 50000 visitors and covered 50,000 m2 exhibiting area totally. Interwine is not only an exhibition but dedicates to wine and spirits industry.

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In addition to the participation in the ICEX pavilion of Spanish Wines, Amores Wines was also representing the portfolio and new products collaborating with Spimor, a big distributor of quality products in China.

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New tasting courses in December

Following the tasting courses that Amores Wines has been helding, do not miss out the next ones coming in December.

Amores Wines participated in the 8th edition of the Hong Kong international Wine and Spirits fair for traders and public.

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The wide portfolio was represented there, with the new wineries and new wines from different Denominations of Origin.

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Amores Wines is proud to announce that Marqués de Vargas Reserva has win the Gold Medal in the 3rd Asian Wine Trophy celebrated in the capital city of Daejeon.





Amores Wines has closed a new business in China to supply more than 485,000 bottles in October, in collaboration with its partner from D.O Jumilla