Amores Wines participated in the Shanghai International Sparkling Wine Festival on 9th to 12th September. Representatives from over 40 brands from Spain, Italy and France uncorked the very best for the visitors at this event which received over 8,000 attendants. The festival focused on final consumers with some industry players as well as wine professionals, media and representatives of the restaurant industry.

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Our Sherry Moscatel from Bodegas Delgado Zuleta proved to be the most popular of the fine wines exhibited at the Fair.

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Amores Wines participated in the 100 Wines Road Show, visiting 5 cities including Ha’erbin, Shengyang, Taiyuan, Wuhan and Kunming.

15th August – Ha´erbin.

We kick-started the Road Show successfully at Ha’erbin, which was well attended by distributors and retailers alike. Our Campos Nuevos red wine and Cream Sherry were the best received from our specially selected range of quality wines

冰城哈尔滨:到我们展位的客人络绎不绝,我们的Campos Nuevos和Cream Sherry最受现场欢迎,次日我们还拜访了一个在当地专业做西班牙酒的经销商,并带去了Juan Rojo, 深受客人好评。

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17th August – Shenyang
The second stop in the Road Show was Shenyang- the auxiliary capital of Qing Dynasty and a city with deep culture contents. One of our wineries- Campos Goticos was selected as the wine for Julien’s Master Class. The seat had to increase from 50 seats to 70 seats since there were too many people interested in joining the Master Class, and after it, the attendants enjoyed our booth to get more information about this superb wine.

沈阳站:Amores Wines巡展第二站来到文化底蕴深厚的清朝陪都 - 沈阳。我们酒庄之一Campos Goticos酒庄的7月神精酿入选Juilen大师班课程用酒。踊跃前来参加大师班的学院从原定50人,另增20个席位。经大师班培训后,学员们也纷至沓来到我们的展位更多了解我们这款精酿和其他酒款。

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22nd August – Taiyuan
Amores Wines was delighted to collaborate with Mr Roger, our general agency in Shanxi Province to participate in the roadshow. He is a big fan of our Campos Goticos wine range and the assistants had the opportunity to join his knowledge about wine.

山西太原行:我们邀请了Amores Wines在山西省的总代理Roger先生一同参加这次展会,Roger先生是我们Campos Goticos整个系列酒款的忠实粉丝。

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24th August – Xi’an
Xi’an is an ancient and famous city. With deep roots for grape wine, the city hug a huge group of red wine lovers. Amores Wines honoured the champion of the blind tasting celebrated in the Master Class with a bottle of our wine Campos Góticos Vendimia Seleccionada red wine 2005.

醉美问长安:文化古都陕西西安,葡萄酒文化底蕴使得这里卧虎藏龙。大师班盲品冠军喜获我们Campos Goticos酒庄的七月神一瓶以资奖励!

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26th August: Wuhan
Men become exquisite and women gentle when delicious food combines with good wines. During dinner, Amores Wines brought warmly welcomed enhanced wines. Cream Sherry presented a fresh and silky feeling on the mouth, just the same as William Shakespeare wrote. Sunshine in a bottle!

美食之誉武汉:美食当之遇美酒,男士细腻,女士优雅。酒桌饭间,Amores Wines为大家带来倍受欢迎的加强型葡萄酒,莎士比亚笔下“装在瓶子里的阳光”,奶油雪利酒的甘爽丝滑印忖消食美味。

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5th September – Kunming
Kunming is a very lively city that likes spring all the year round. Amores Wines had the opportunity to arrive there when the Mid Autumn Day is close to be celebrated. We offered special price for Campos Nuevos, Carche Hidalgo and Teran Reserva, some of our most sold wines.

知遇春城昆明:四季如春的昆明,又临逢中秋佳节,Amores Wines为春城人民带来中秋献礼特惠。Campos Nuevos田园,Carche Hildago, Teran Reserva珍藏等数款美酒招商特惠。
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Amores Wines is proud to announce that our Purjanza range of wines have received top ratings in the latest classifications by Robert Parker Wine Advocate.

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