Amores Wines has collaborated in the 3rd Grand Tasting of the Top Wines from Spain with one of its importers, HEN99. This event has been placed in Beijing the 14th October, Chengdu the 16th October and Shanghai the 18th October. Amores Wines attended this event with Marqués de Vargas wines.

Marqués de Vargas Reserva has been selected for the events that have been placed in Marriott Hotels as the Spanish Wines seminar for professionals of Food & Beverage from Marriott Hotels clusters in Shanghai and Beijing. They tasted the wines supplied by Amores Wines and had an introduction and presentation of the 6 bottles selected for every city.

Amores Wines also celebrated a VIP Cocktail after the events in Beijing and Shanghai, inviting all the assistants to taste Marques de Vargas wines, enjoying the event with local press, professionals of F&B, Foods service channel and VIP clients.

Amores Wines is really pleased with this event and the opportunity of showing Marques de Vargas wines with HEN99.


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