Our sales manager Danny Chen tells us about her experience in this month of September together with our company directors Fernando Amores and Antonia Dominguez in the visit our importers and distributors in Shanghai and Beijing in addition to other events.

“In September, it’s the start of the harvest season for most wineries in Spain, however, it’s seeding time for Amores Wines, while we visit our customers, who we consider our partners, and help them to promote our fine wines from the heart of Spain.”


“On 10th of September, the special celebration of Teacher’s day, our customer Bella Vita hosted a wine tasting in Kunshan. Our CEO Fernando Amores, Director Antonia Dominguez and I attended to do a tasting of some of our selected wines. Our Fetitxe Sparkling,  Aikarai white, Ollamendi Joven, Ollamendi Crianza were used during the tasting, and paired excellently with the quality food from the restaurant, which included authentic Italian cheeses and meats, German sausages and exquisite Australian tenderloin beef steak. The wines were well received by all guests, many of whom had previously only consumed French wines and who were pleasantly surprised by the outstanding quality that Spanish wines have to offer.”


“The following days we spent visiting our importers and distributors in Shanghai and Beijing, presenting our new sales strategies and ideas to our customers, both new and existing. All customers responded with interest to our ideas and proposals which are all based on developing solid long-term cooperations with our partners. By adapting our strategies to the specific demands of the Chinese wine industry and business culture, Amores Wines continues to grow from strength to strength in this market.”


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