D.O. Bierzo

Bodegas Estafania

Spain’s most elegant wine, 93 Robert Parker points

  • Touted as the Burgundy of Spain, Bodegas Estefania was named one of the 20 best new wineries in 2004.
  • Tilenus wines are made under the renowned winemaker Raul Perez is one of Spain’s brightest winemaking stars and a national treasure.
  • Mencia, is the indigenous grape unique to DO Bierzo producing smooth and elegant wines in this region.
  • Peter Kwong, the sommelier ranked 2nd in Asia and 16th in the world, has praised Tilenus as the best “Pinot Noir” style of wine outside Burgundy.
  • Situated on steep hillsides at altitudes as high as 1000 meters, the average age of the vines is 80 years.
  • Low yields, hand harvesting and traditional winemaking result in wines of the most enduring elegance.

D.O. Bullas

Bodegas del Rosario

From a land devoted to vine growing since ancient times

  • Since the 12th Century, the DO Bullas has gained the official recognition for the quality and singularity of its wines.
  • Our wine-making philosophy is to give priority to our old vineyards.
  • Careful execution and maintenance of new plantations also ensures we uphold our wine quality standards.
  • Our vines are developed in a balanced way, fully integrated in their environment.
  • Wines with Robert Parker 93 points.

Castilla La Mancha

Bodegas Los Aljibes

Specially selected wines from an outstanding winery in killer packaging

  • Touted as one of the most modern wineries in Spain.
  • Local and international grape varieties are vinified in the state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Our Conde de Navas range of wines are created in the style of traditional Bordeaux blends, and have won 90 Robert Parker points.
  • Los Aljibes has been rated by Miller from Robert Parker’s “The Wine Advocate” as one of the up and coming stars of La Mancha.

D.O. Cigales

Bodegas Santa Rufina

The chosen wine of the Royal Family of Spain from the unique DO Cigales

  • As a testament to the quality of our wines, we have letters of commendation from Spain’s King Juan Carlos 1 and Queen Sofia.
  • Made from the Spanish iconic Tempranillo grape, DO Cigales in Northern Spain produces a high-quality grape worthy of the royals.
  • The Santa Rufina winery follows the traditional and natural approach to winemaking by bottling their wines unrefined and unfiltered.
  • Wines with extraordinary richness and complexity that evolve beautifully in the bottle.

D.O. Jumilla

Bodegas Arloren

Extraordinary Spanish wines, that represent full of value and personality

  • Four generations have managed to capture the production and aging of quality wines.
  • A dedication to the terroir is at the roots of the family and their passion for wine.
  • Low rainfall, plentiful sunshine and a soil profile that combine to form the ideal conditions for the cultivation of the vines.


Bodegas Valquejigoso

From Madrid, a winery exceptionally unique in vision and style.

  • The “Super Tuscan” of Spain, this winery breaks the mould in winemaking and style, so it cannot be classified within the DO of Madrid.
  • With its continental meso-climate coupled with the diversity of grape varieties, create wines of distinctive character and complexity.
  • Features on the wine list of Michelin-starred restaurants throughout Spain.
  • In 2006, our V2 was voted by The Wine Enthusiast among the Top 100 Wines of the World.

D.O. Navarra

Bodegas Campos de Enanzo

Excellent varietal wines exemplifying purity of fruit.

  • One of the most under-rated DOs in Spain, Navarra produces excellent varietal wines.
  • Young wines are fresh and fruity, showing outstanding typicity of the grape varieties.
  • Marked by the confluence of the Atlantic, Continental and Mediterranean climates, DO Navarra produces grapes of great character.
  • To ensure quality of our grapes, we maintain low yields that do not exceed 6500 kilograms per hectare.
  • Our winemaking is designed to strengthen, not compromise the virtues of the grape.

D.O. Penedes

Giro Ribot

An internationally-renowned family powerhouse, blending the modern with the traditional.

  • Located in the heart of DO Penedes, a family-owned cellar where modern thinking meets traditional methods.
  • In 1990, Giro Ribot merged with Remy Cointreau, one of the great Champagne-producing groups, and bought back these shares in 2000 to regain full control of the winery.
  • All grapes are hand-harvested ensuring premium quality.
    Environmentally friendly viticulture – no use of herbicides and minimal pesticides.

D.O. Ribera del Duero

Bodegas Felix Callejo

One of the top wineries from Ribero del Duero.

  • Touted as one of the top 5 series of wines in DO Ribera del Duero.
  • All wines produced using organic methods.
  • Impressive Robert Parker ratings up to 98 points.
  • Family-owned and managed for generations, these wines represent the most classic and authentic Spanish varietal wines from the iconic Tempranillo grape.
  • Callejo winemakers have collaborated with winemakers from France, Chile and Argentina, including Petrus’ winemaker Jean-Claude Berrouet.

Bodegas Campos Goticos

The first certified organic winery in DO Ribera del Duero.

  • Fully organic and biodynamic winery – the first certified organic winery in DO Ribera del Duero.
  • Hand-harvested grapes ensuring premium quality of all wines.
  • Use of ambient yeast for fermentation – no artificial additives.
    Minimal manipulation makes this wine a pure expression of the vineyard terroir.
  • High diurnal range in temperatures, influences the personality and high quality of the grapes.

D.O. Ribera del Guadiana

Bodegas Vinaoliva

Entry-level wines with personality.

  • A Cooperative made up of 15 wineries that collectively control a total of 38,000 hectares of vineyards.
  • Young, fresh and fruity wines made with minimum intervention. Our focus is to make fresh, young wines that express the terroir with little interference.
  • Tempranillo grapes harvested from vineyards in the Tierra de Barros district of Extremadura, renowned for the fresh, fruity character of their grapes, ideal for unoaked red wines.

D.O.C. Rioja

Bodegas Pujanza

Single estate winery from Rioja Alavesa.

  • A unique modern-thinking winery from the heart of Rioja.
  • Purest expression of terroir -single estate wines.
  • Hand-harvested grapes ensuring premium quality wines.
  • Wines selected by Michelin-starred restaurants
  • House wines in the renowned El Bulli Restaurant (3 Michelin stars).
  • Top 100 Wines from Spain’ by Wine Advocate in 2010.

Marques de Teran

Fruit-forward Rioja wines with avant-garde techniques.

  • A pioneering winery, with a unique architectural concept and the first in the world to apply geothermal energy for all its energy sources.
  • Located in Rioja Alta with an ideal micro-climate and 80 hectares of low-yield, old vines that produce top-quality grapes.
  • Optimum flavour is achieved through the terroir, hand-harvesting and cryo-maceration, producing a fruit-forward style of Rioja wines.
  • Wines selected by more than 1000 top restaurants including many of them Michelin-star.

Consejo de la Alta

A range of classic Rioja for wine-lovers.

  • Rioja Alta, with its unique soils and microclimate, is regarded a producer of high quality wines.
  • In Consejo de la Alta, the vineyards are planted with carefully selected with old vines of indigenous grape varieties.
  • Grape quality is at the focus of our activity.
  • This is a collection of wine for wine-lovers.

D.O. Rueda

Bodegas Copaboca

A family-owned winery group with a modern and dynamic approach to wine production.

  • From a family-owned group of wineries with vineyards in DOs Rueda, Ribera del Duero, Toro, Cigales and DOC Rioja.
  • Dynamic and forward-thinking, we produce wines that appeal to today’s market in quality, style and packaging, with quality being our focal point.
  • We bring diversity to the market, offering a range of styles from each winery and a variety of brands for each of our wines.
  • In DO Rueda, we have 135 hectares of our own vineyards, which belong to the Vega del Duero-Riberas de Castronuño Natural Reserve.
  • We practice sustainable viticulture maintaining a respect for the environment as a core principle.

D.O. Toro

Bodegas Covitoro

Centenarian vines producing robust wines.

  • Top quality grapes from the extraordinary centenarian vineyards of DO Toro.
  • Toro is a region with favourable conditions for optimum maturation of the grape producing full-bodied, robust wines that you can almost chew.
  • Covitoro is a winery established by a cooperative of vine-growers.
  • With its continental climate, Atlantic influence, plentiful sunshine and high diurnal range, Toro is an area with very favourable conditions for optimum maturation of the grape.

Sherries & Brandies

D.O. Jerez

Delgado Zuleta

World’s oldest sherry winery and supplier to the Spanish Royal Family.

  • Jerez, the most historical DO in Spain where winemaking dates back to 1100 BC.
  • Establish in 1744, we are the oldest Sherry winery in Spain.
  • Since the 19th century, we have been the sherry supplier to the Spanish Royal Family.
  • Our wines were served at the wedding of King Felipe and Reina Letizia in 2004.
  • Sherry is seeing a global revival and is gathering serious reputation among wine professionals as the most unique wines for quality and style in the world.

Diez Merito

A premium selcection of aged brandies from a historic bodega in DO Jerez.

  • A wine cellar in the Denomination of Origin Jerez is something unique.
  • Nowhere else in the world is breeding this singular wine with its system of criaderas and soleras.
  • The Cellar Diez Merito brings two hundred years of history with wine and names that will conquer your senses.
  • The winery holds one of the most emblematic Sherry Bodega in Jerez, Bertemati, a majestic building dating back to 1760.
  • Set in a magnificent location near downtown Jerez provide the perfect space for their exquisite wines and brandies to rest and age silently.
  • Visiting Bodega Diez Merito is to immerse oneself in the oldest Appellation of Origin in Spain.
  • Being Jerez one of the cradles of Flamenco, you can enjoy this universal expression of art in their Patios of Bodega.