The Basiano Collection

Excellent varietal wines exemplifying purity of fruit.

One of the most under-rated DOs in Spain, Navarra produces excellent varietal wines, especially young wines which are fresh and fruity, showing outstanding typicity of the grape.

DO Navarra enjoys an exceptional and unique location, marked by the confluence of the Atlantic, Continental and Mediterranean climates giving rise to a wide range of micro-climates that enhance the character of the grape.

At €2000 per bottle, DO Navarra is the source of the most expensive wine produced in Spain, “Vitral”.

Established in 1958, Campos de Enanzo has become one of the largest wineries in the DO of Navarra with 600 hectares of own vineyards that are home to vines over 50 years old. To ensure the quality of our grapes, we maintain low yields that do not exceed 6500 kilograms per hectare.

The winery’s production capacity of 10 million kilos of grapes per year is matched by its modern bottling system which turns out more than 6000 bottles per hour.

Our winemaking techniques are designed to strengthen, not compromise, the virtues of the grape itself, so as to produce fresh varietal wines that exemplify the purity of fruit.