The Viña de Regalia Collection

The chosen wine of Kings and Bishops of Spain from the unique DO Cigales.

Our wines have been chosen by the Royal Family and we have received letters of commendation from Spain’s King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia – a testament to the quality of our wines.

Bishops Benedict XVI and Juan Pablo II have also drank Viña de Regalía as their wine of choice.

The Santa Rufina winery follow the traditional and natural approach to winemaking, by bottling their wines unrefined, unfiltered to give a more rich, complex result as the wine evolves in the bottle

Most people have difficulty in describing this wine due to its complexity and layers of flavour that evolve with maturation.

The winery is situated on a dried river bed of thou sand years, producing a myriad of soil types and the grapes grown here produce extraordinary wines.

Made from Spanish iconic Tempranillo grape from the small but high-quality wine producing region of DO Cigales, situated in the north of Spain.