The Covitoro Collection

Centenarian vines producing robust wines.

From among the extraordinary quality vineyards of DO Toro, our technical team has selected true centenarian, or almost centenarian, gems from which top-quality grapes are obtained.

Located in land of poor fertility, these vineyards produce the Tinta de Toro variety between 80 to 100 years old at very low yields, cultivated in the area’s tradition of following natural processes and pace set by nature with minimum interference.
The soils here are composed of sandstone, clay and Pliocene limestone and all the vineyards are located between 650 and 735 metres in the undulating land typical in this area.

With its continental climate, Atlantic influence, plentiful sunshine and high diurnal range, Toro is an area with very favourable conditions for optimum maturation of the grape. In addition, the annual rainfall is very low, so risk of disease minimal and hence high-quality grapes that are perfectly healthy are obtained.

Tinta de Toro is a variety of Tempranillo which produces wine with enormous personality, great colour and an exquisite bouquet. It is an aromatic grape with a distinctive ruby colour and a very low oxidative level, which allows the wines to be aged for a long time.

DO Toro wines have always been noted for being very dense and full-bodied wines that you can almost ‘chew’. Nonetheless, through our quality-focused winemaking techniques, we produce wines that are smooth and elegant without losing its strength, thus we continue to adapt to the tastes of the new consumers.

Bodegas Covitoro is a winery established by a co-operative of vine-growers who collectively own more than 900 hectares of the oldest vineyards in the DO Toro bringing to their wines a clear difference in quality and profusion of shades.

We have large facilities equipped with the latest technology and a processing capacity close to 4.5 million kilos of grapes per year, a maximum storage volume of 6 million liters and 1400 American and French oak casks.