The Delgado Zuleta Collection

World’s oldest Sherry winery and supplier to Spanish Royal family.

Jerez, the most historical DO in Spain, where winemaking dates back to 1100 BC.

Delgado Zuleta was established in 1744 and is the oldest Sherry winery in Spain.

Since 19th century Delgado Zuleta has been the supplier to the Spanish Royal family. Our wines were served at the wedding of Principe Felipe and Doña Letizia in 2004, now the King and Queen of Spain.

To taste sherry is to taste a moment of history, each drop contains a fraction of the very first sherry produced and placed in the winery’s “solera” centuries ago.

In the 16th century, sherry had a reputation in Europe as the world’s finest wines and sherry exports took off.

Christopher Columbus brought sherry on his voyage to the New World. Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Washington Irving and Harry Potter writer JK Rowling have all cited Sherry wines in their work.

Sherry has many health benefits. The famous Scottish doctor Alexander Fleming said: “if penicillin cures, Jerez resuscitates dead people”. Sherry is proven to lower cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health.

Home of Quo Vadis VORS Amontillado which has been awarded 97 Robert Parker points.

Michelin Stars restaurants love Zuleta wines; our range of Sherries feature on the menus of many prestigious Michelin star restaurants including Restaurant Quique Dacosta (Alicante, 3 stars), Santceloni (Madrid, 2 stars), Aponiente (Puerto de Santa Maria).