The Diez Mérito Collection

A premium selection of aged brandies from a historic bodega in DO Jerez.

A wine cellar in the Denomination of Origin Jerez is something unique. Nowhere else in the world breeding this singular wine with its system of criaderas and soleras. The Cellar Díez Mérito brings two hundred years of history with wine and names that will conquer our senses.

The winery holds one of the most emblematic Sherry bodega in Jerez, Bertemati, majestic building dating back to 1760 which receives its name from its first owner, the ‘Marqués de Misa’. Set in a magnificent location near downtown Jerez, the impressive arcs and vaults that conform it are the perfect space for their exquisite wines and brandies to rest and age silently

Set the city centre, visiting Bodega Diez Merito is to immerse yourself in the aging history of the oldest Appellation of Origin in Spain (the legal protection of denomination of origin).

Being Jerez one of the cradles of Flamenco, you can enjoy this universal expression of art in their Patios or Bodega, choosing from the wide catalog of artist they have at your disposition.