The Marqués de Terán Collection

Cryo – maceration: producing the healthiest wine with the most flavour.

Avant-garde winery with a unique architectural concept and focus on quality.
80% of the winery is below ground making it one of the most advanced in the world. First winery in the world to apply geothermal energy for keeping constant temperature during wine-making.

Use of cryo-maceration to extract optimum fruit (the application of dry ice to create cold conditions for maceration).
Cryo-maceration results in highest levels of Resveratrol and Quercetin (10 times as much), which have many health benefits including heart health, fight cancer, protect skin health and lower inflammation. Cryo-maceration creates stability of taste and high anti-oxidation stability leading to reduced use or complete absence of SO2 in the finished wine.

Optimum flavour is achieved through the terroir, hand harvesting of select grapes and cryo-maceration,
which extracts the greatest level of aromas and fruit from the grape. It extracts more colour, tannin, body and natural sugars (higher alcohol), resulting in a softer, fuller mouthfeel. These wines are more fruit forward and ripe with pronounced colour and aroma intensity, well-balanced, smooth and round in the mouth.

Wines from Marques de Teran are the choice of more than 1000 restaurants including many Michelin such as Zalacain, Arzak, La Venta de Moncalvillo. Awarded winery of the year 2010 by La Buena Mesa, the Spanish Association of Restaurants.