Bodegas de los Ríos Prieto

Bodegas de los Rios Prieto was born in Pesquera de Duero, close to the banks of the Duero river. A family owned and run a company devoted to make High Expression wines.

de los rios

Felix de los Rios, who founded the winery, is an innovative man who loves the land and wine. In 2000 he carried on with the family tradition and started to make wine by using not only the latest technological advances but also the skills learned for decades.

barricas copia

Over the last years, De los Rios Family have been making wine in little amounts and it was in 2002 when they decided to commercialised their wine within the DO Ribera del Duero.


The building, were the wine is made and bottled, is provided with the most modern technological advances such as stainless steel tanks, fermentation by thermic control, climatization, etc.


There is also a Crianza building, which was built 6 metres underground in order to get the best humidity and temperature conditions (14° and 82% 365 all the year round)

In early September all the vineyards undergo weekly test in order to thoroughly control their evolution as well as de degree of ripeness (acidity, degree, sugar, weight). This way the winemaker determines when is the best moment to harvest.

In Pesquera de Duero they cultivate Tempranillo variety, in Peñafiel the Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties and in Manzanillo the Tempranillo variety too.


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