Campos Góticos

Campos Góticos was incorporated in 1998 to undertake the planting of vines in the D.O. Ribera del Duero, apply environmentally-friendly techniques to grow these vines, and so achieve a top-of-the-range wine.

finca campos goticos

At Campos Góticos they grow 45 hectares of vines with a plant lay-out of 1.25 x 3 metres, giving about 2,400 plants per hectare.
They use Cordon Royal espalier guides to raise the vines 60 cm from the soil, with the plant growing to as much as 2m, as we feel this is the most appropriate for our climate and to obtain the desired quality of fruit.

campos goticos

Through Biodynamic techniques, they manage to draw from their vines the true expression of the land and the plant, and this is what distinguishes their wines.

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