Giró Ribot

Giró Ribot is an internationally renowned family cellar. A family-run business with a long historical background of grape growing, liqueur and spirits production.

giro bodega 2

The cellar is situated at the heart of the Apellation d’Origine Penedès. The geographic area of the Penedès is especially propitious for the cultivation of the vine.

The proximity of the sea ensures mild temperatures. The winters are mild, the summers only moderately hot and there is not too much rain.

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This beautiful area of Catalonia, halfway between the cities of Barcelona and Tarragona, is bordered to the south by the Mediterranean Sea and to the north by the spectacular and remarkable solid mass of Montserrat. Around 26,000 hectares of natural paradise, witness to a long and noble historical tradition and a place where climatic and topographical conditions come together to form an ideal environment for cultivating and producing wines of the highest quality.

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In 1990 they merged with the skilled and experienced group Remy Cointreau, producers of goods of the highest quality and also one of the great Champagne-producing groups.

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The nature of this harmonious accord between the extensive Champagne culture and distinct cava tradition has made possible the creation of wines and cavas with unique qualities.


On the year 2000, the Giró Ribot family bought the shares to the Remy Cointreau Group taking the full control of the Winery.

Their challenge, passed on from generation to generation, has always been quality and authenticity above all. They wish that their wines and cavas, together with their environment, awake your interest and complete satisfaction.